The Poisoning of Martin Luther
By Edward Hartley
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SYNOPSIS The Poisoning of Martin Luther is a satirical play depicting the final days and life of Professor Martin Luther who set out to reform the Catholic Church. The play has seven main characters and many other notional characters such as God, Jesus, The Pope, Samson and many others.

MAIN CAST Liebert Torquemada (Apprentice Devil in Training / 3rd Illegitimate Cousin to Satan)
Martin Luther (The Only Good Guy)
George / Shangri-La (Liebert's Aunt / Uncle / Transvestite)
Adolf Hitler (Senior the 1st) (Liebert's Career Counselor)
Satan (the Devil) (Pure Evil / Liebert's Hero and Mentor)
Delilah (Lady of the Night / Satan's Kryptonite)
Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia (Banker / Credit Professional)


Liebert Torquemada
Liebert Torquemada was born in Rome Italy on 1842. He is the only son of a female inn keeper/prostitute who thought the disfigured child was a curse. Liebert had six(6) toes on left and four(4) on the right. During is childhood, he was noticable overweight and shorter than other boys is age. At age five(5) he was sent off to live at the local monestry where he was constantly beating for failing to progress in his religious studies. He also suffered starvation and public humiliation at the hand of monks who grew very impatient with his lack of personal strength, personal hygiene and intellect. It was during these times that Liebert pledged his life to the devil for a small piece of corned pork shoulder that the devil was going to throw away anyway. Liebert willfully seeked out and adopted the dark side. His very distinctive limp while he walked was suffered after falling inside an open grave while running and feasting on a piece of stolen corned beef from the open window of the butcher Westin Hodges. Liebert spent a brief time admitted at the sanitarium. He was imprisons for horse thievery and being a traitor during the war. Liebert also spent few years in he Italian underground as a unsuccessful male prostitute. It was doing these times that Liebert discovered that he was discendant of the devil's bloodline.

Martin Luther

George / Shangri-La
George / Shangri-La is the cross dressing hermaphrodite aunt and uncle to both Satan and Liebert. George / Shangri-La appears to Satan as a male and appears to Liebert as a female. As a very strong and dominaring figure, George / Shangri-La is both the matriarch and patriarch to the common bloodline of Satan and Liebert.

Adolf Hitler (Senior the 1st)

Satan is widely described as the world ultimate evil, however he does have a very soft side. He is wildly in love with Delilah who is still wildly in love with Samson. Satan rage and wrath is sometimes a direct result of Delilah sneaking away to spend time with Samson who she consider to be the ultimate lover. In one of Satan's violent rage, he hits the world with both hands and flips the world upside down. When he flipped the world upside down, his unique number of 999 was also turn upside down and the world is fooled into believing that the number of Satan to be 666. Satan is said to have a secret unknown delicious delicacy that exist only in Heaven.

Delilah is deeply taken in by a physical attraction to Samson who's penis is distinctly shaped like an "S" and hits every one of her many mislocated and anatomically incorrect "G" spots. The physical problem is for long been a major cause of sadness for Delilah who was never able to have an organism before taking the "S" from Samson. The extraordinary penis is said to make Delilah gush like a geyser.

Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia